EX14 Preparation of final project 12/12/2018

Create a 5-sec animation of soft bodies. DecideĀ the titleĀ andĀ topic. The 5-sec animation should include a soft body such as fire, water, smoke, rain, cloud, hair, ocean etc.

Create 5 slides as follows:

  1. Title slide: the title of your animation, Name of your program and school, Your name.
  2. Introduction: why you choose this topic. Explain, for your career, how important the topic and related animation skills are.
  3. Technical Background: Software, Hardware spec, calculation conditions ( # of particles, how many hours you run a PC for the rendering process.
  4. Animation: upload the animation file to youtube and put a link in this slide
  5. Reference: show the tutorials that you used.

Next week, each student will have a 5min presentation using this ppt slides.

  • 5-min presentation
  • 2-min Q&A


Create a ground that the wind turbine should be located (designing geological shape/location such as in Manhattan, on a large hill, or even at an offshore site). Also, create an imaginary glass (tunnel). Make an animation using SolidWorks FlowXpress,, record a screen, and upload the movie file. Post a link to EX10 here. You decide wind speed, a geometry of the environment.