About Me

Welcome to any and everyone that stumbles across my ePortfolio!


My name is Ashley A. Dunlap, preferably Ashley A to all those that get the reference (Recess). “I’m a 19 year old natural hair and beauty enthusiast with a flair for dramatics and a love for all things musical. Very soon I will be premiering my blog “Getting It Together” on Wordpress.

Career Goals

Some may say that you have to pick a career and stick with it but I highly disagree. Over the past decade I’ve gone from preparing to be a singer to writer to actress to celebrity chef to musician to president to educator and finally undecided. I can say I’m happiest with being undecided. There are so many things to learn and explore that limiting myself to one field seems impossible and I’ve accepted that. My current focus is starting a natural hair and beauty to turn some of the advice I give for free in the hair aisle of Target into a personal brand and business. Wish me luck!

Anything Else…

For now this is me. As I grow and explore this page will become a novel of its own.

Growing, learning and getting it together