Hello Viewers,

My name is Anne Christelle Duchemin, I am currently a full time fashion and business student, and work part-time at a boutique in the Nolita area. I have retained over 3 years of retail experience and over 1 year of management experience. My  most recent responsibilities would include driving sales goals and meeting all KPI’s, as well as maintaining the sales floor through weekly merchandising plans. These responsibilities have aided in the expansion of my merchandising and selling knowledge and have persuaded me to furthermore my knowledge in the industry.

As a fashion student at City Tech , I have been provided with the proper resources in technology  to advance my comprehension in the business of fashion. Being a student at City Tech I am given the opportunity to be guided by with professors with real life experience who aid in establishing my  portfolio and related professional experience through consecutively providing us  experiential learning experiences and networking events . This institution has allowed me to exceed my own expectations and develop an understanding of the fashion industry and professionalism .


In my work place and school work I believe in consistently trying to learn more from both institutions  and aiming to exceed expectation with managers or professors to create an exceptional work ethic for myself. I believe that my driven personality and skills acquired through professional working experience and education can be exhibited through this E-Portfolio.