β€œTo aesthetically provide Women and Men the SENSE to feel confident and physically ACTIVE, both inside and outside of the gym.”

Project Overview

Our Open-To-Buy (OTB) project focuses on the strategic launch of a luxury athleisure wear retail store in the vibrant neighborhood of Brooklyn. Our goal is to curate an exclusive collection that seamlessly blends high-end fashion with urban athleticism, catering to the discerning tastes of Brooklynites seeking both style and functionality. Through meticulous market research and trend analysis, we aim to optimize inventory levels to ensure a dynamic assortment that reflects the diverse preferences of our target demographic. By implementing a robust OTB plan, we seek to strike a balance between meeting consumer demand and maintaining healthy stock levels, thereby maximizing sales potential while minimizing excess inventory. With a keen eye on consumer behavior and a commitment to delivering unparalleled shopping experiences, our OTB strategy positions us for success in the competitive landscape of luxury athleisure retail in Brooklyn.

About the Researcher(s)


ACTIVE SENSE is an athleisure wear brand which is women owned, and operated. The team at ACTIVE SENSE has mastered a way to effectively combine function, style, and sustainability. Our goal is to encourage women to embrace their confidence and strength both inside and outside of the gym, due to providing them with carefully constructed, environmentally friendly clothes, all while keeping its attractiveness. As we enhance the look and practicality, we reduce our environmental effect through the use of sustainable materials and green processes in the course of our production.