Current Projects of Aaron Barlow

Professor Barlow is working on two book projects for the publisher ABC-Clio: A volume for a popular-culture series called Pop Goes the Decade that focuses on the 1960s (with Martin Kich) and an encyclopedia on the Manhattan Project.

In addition, he is in the middle of a 16-month blog project on the year 1968 (that actual began on the fiftieth anniversary of October 1967 and that will run until the same anniversary for mid-january 1969). With what will be a total of between 90 and 100 posts, each one corresponding to a date fifty years earlier, the project with amount to over 100,000 words and will provide a detailed look a both Professor Barlow’s life in the United States and Europe that year as well as examination of many of the larger events of what proved to be a watershed year for the country.

In addition, Professor Barlow keeps up a personal blog.

He is involved in a variety of other writing projects, including chapters for scholarly anthologies, newspaper opinions pieces, and a novel. A number of his works can be found at CUNY Academic Works.