CDMG 1111 Digital Media Foundations


IHOP Logo Research


The IHOP logo has been the same for around 20 years. Many don’t pay mind to the detail of the logo as many people are looking forward to eating pancakes and enjoying a great breakfast with their families and loved ones. But take a closer look, and you will see that the old logo does look dull and outdated. The color used on the font is also dull and the way restaurant placed on the logo looks as if it is a frowning face. It looked as if 20 years was enough and the company realized that when it changed its logo in the summer of 2015 to a more joyful, vibrant and generally appealing to the eye and to the message that IHOP wants to send to its customers, that they are a welcoming and friendly company that embraces the values of family and friendship. That at their establishments, they can assure their customers that because they take their logo very seriously, they are willing to change it to accurately display the value of family and friends. The new logo is more appealing to the eye, with warmer colors and a symbol that seems to represent a smiley face. Overall the design of the logo looks years better than the previous one. The logo also gives me a similarity to the city bank logo with the curved line.



For this project we had to make choose a quote and create an illustration for it. In my case I chose a quote from Ghandi that saids “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” I created a graphic that resembles earth which is the world and I created a mist like graphic to represent how the world can go blind if we only use the rule an eye for an eye as the style of life, there will only be wars and no peace if nether side decides to forgive.



In the variation below of the graphic above, I decided to incorporate the black line on top of the graphic of Earth that I made in order to show that Earth is being blinded. It is like when someone is going to hit a piñata and they are first blindfolded with something, that’s what I tried doing here.



In our next project, we had to take what we did with our daily lives and put it into a video that involves the theme of love, peace or friendship. After long thought, I decided to do a video of me and my daily walk to my High school, then college, and finally my job. During the video, the link will be below, as I said at the end of the video this route that I take today, has been the same route I have been taking for almost 5 years now, from the start of 9th grade until now. During my walk either to work or school, I tend to always be listening to music because it relaxes me, that’s why Flashed Junk Mind by Milky Chance is playing in the background, I always like to enter places with a relaxed and calm mind so that when I have to get to do what I need to get done, I know I will get it done right.