About Me

My name is Aisha Ali. I currently attend New York City College of Technology, just three semesters away from obtaining my Bachelors in Technology. When I’m not spending my days in class, you can find me at St. Marks Comics where I work in East Village. Comic book art has always been a major part of my life, and played a part in my decision to major in graphic arts. As a young girl, I would secretly take brothers comics book and draw the different characters I grew to love. I first realized my love for digital art the day I decided to color in my work on Photoshop, instead of color pencils.

I consider myself an amateur costume designer because once a year for the New York Comic Con I gather my fabric and scissors to create a unique, one of a kind costume. One day I hope to create my own website where I can take requests and make people their own costumes. I was very excited to start designing my own flyers to get myself out there in the public, every part of this experiment will be designed just by me.