Having trouble with the WeBWorK? ┬áFirst, don’t panic – it’s a lot to remember!! ┬áBut do┬ábe prepared to put in some time re-learning stuff from Calculus I and II. ┬áI’ve picked out a few video┬áresources for you that hit some of the most important techniques ┬á(I tried to find videos that were focussed on examples, rather than theory, since this is meant to be review).

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Derivatives: The Chain Rule (similar to Problem 4):  This video is short and sweet, a single example using the chain rule with a logarithmic function.


Integrals: U-Substitution (similar to Problems 5 & 6):

This video has┬áthree examples – the first two are most similar to what you will see in WeBWorK (the last one is a little trickier – but could be useful in the future):


Integration by Parts (similar to Problems 7 & 8)

This video also has a few examples –┬áthe first two will be most useful for the WeBWorK: