Assignments Week 12

WeBWorK: Assignments 12-Trench-EulerEquations  and 13-Trench-VariationOfParameters**  are due Tuesday, 4/30, at midnight.
** WeBWorK problem set 13 will be assigned no later than Tuesday, April 22, and will be due on 4/30.

OpenLab: None



New Feature in WeBWorK

WeBWorK now has “MathQuill” enabled by default, which allows more natural “pretty print” input for your answers.  You don’t have to do anything special to use it – once you click in an answer box, it will start working.  It will detect the mathematical symbols you type and display the answer correctly onscreen – (for example, when you type a fraction “/”, it automatically becomes a vertical fraction).  There is also a popup menu with common expressions such as radicals.

WHAT IF I WANT TO TURN THIS FEATURE OFF?  You can control this in WeBWorK under User Settings/Use live equation rendering.