Open lab #1 topic 1 math 1180

I have never been too fond of math, it always held me back in some sort of way. Throughout grade and high school math always created an obstacle for me such as, getting on the honor roll, having a free summer or like now it’s stopping me from transferring. Math is pretty basic to a certain extent. After the subject of conversions I don’t feel like knowing the circumference of a circle is going to help me in my daily life. Sometimes I feel like the teachers chosen to teach certain math classes are not in the favor of the students, just because a teacher may have the qualifications to teach on paper does not mean they are adequate to teach a class.(Not including you Professor Reitz) im fully aware that math requires a lot of practice but you can’t practice something that isn’t taught well. Maybe when I am older ill understand why certain subjects of math are taught but as of right now i think some are truly not needed and is taking up the space of things that should be taught and can actually be used in a students daily life.

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