Final Boards are to be created in InDesign and measure 24×36″.

Required Final Board Drawings (MINIMUM):

  1. Cube drawings showing subtractive design process to create space within cube with proper lineweight, color tones emphasizing interior/exterior relationship, and shade and shadow to enhance illusion of 3-dimensional depth
  2. Diagrams/drawings illustrating how cube design was transformed into a pavilion bay module
  3. Diagrams/drawings illustrating how pavilion bay module was aggregated into a 3×3 pavilion
  4. Series of 5 section cuts through pavilion showing poche, scale figures, ground lines, and indication of scale
  5. Plan drawing of pavilion with indications of where section cuts were taken, indication of scale, and North arrow
  6. High resolution rendering of pavilion with human figures for sense of scale, sky that fades into horizon, and context/background image

Required Text on Board (use sensible font, and only use one font throughout board):

  1. Project Title
  2. Drawing Titles
  3. Drawing Annotation as Needed

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