This story was very intriguing and horrifically suspenseful I knew or perhaps figured that Kress would somehow get what he deserved in this story. First you knew that he was a rich ,eccentric person who spared no expense when it came to the things that fascinated him and you also knew that he loved collecting rare breeds of animal, but what followed was the fact that he was straight up a wicked or perhaps cruel person who really didn’t care what happened to these pets that he collected. When he went on is business trip the Hawk and shambler had to fend for themselves and the fishes ate each other
Now he’s back and he wants to replace these pets but he is looking for new exotic animals so he finds this shop with Jala Wo and when she explains the nature of these creatures his curiosity gets the better of him because he’s told that they actually worship their thing about Kress even though he got instructions on how to care for these creatures he changes things starving them changing their environment.After Kress sees them war against each other he decides to show his friends these pets but they also find pleasure watching now he begins to show his dominance over these creatures by hurting.When reading this novel I also observe where the god complex was definitely taking over