Juilliard Wind Orchestra

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  Wind orchestra is a performing ensemble consisting of members of the woodwind, brass, and percussion families of instruments, along with the double bass. I didn’t know a concert band is also call wind ensemble before I did the online research. This group activity inspire my artistic and musical soul a lot.  I wanted to go to a classic or jazz […]

The most Amazing thing about my topic

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I found this very interesting to me and I guess, who doesn’t like prizes!!? There is an effective methods that company can use to instill safety as part of the organizational culture is the develop a system of incentives. Some businesses use a cash bonus system to reward employees who report potential hazards. Other arrange competitions between departments […]

Issues (problems/solutions) related to my topic

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The hotel industry has a very high turnover rate in guests and staff. Hotel staff meet different people from all over the world everyday. Its very hard to determine whether people around you are good or bad. There are a lots of safety issues along with it. For example, rape, robbery,and assault. Since hotel staff have to always maintain their professionalism, friendliness, […]

Why I choose this topic?

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I chose networking in hospitality as my topic but I found worker`s safety is easier and more interesting for me to write about after I did some research online. Working at hotels or in travel industries should sound fascinating to others. Good environment, great benefits and free vacations but I was surprised that there are so many hidden […]