Culmination Proposal


By Riyad Adam


Entertainment Technology: Sound Engineer


After four years of being part of the entertainment technology department you learn some things you wanted and things you didn’t. They all come in handy in the overall scene. For a culmination project I want to put together a hypothetical international music festival of 2 different bands. My tasks Include the advanced technologies I’ve worked with and utilized over the past several years of study. Perhaps including a Dante network, Yamaha Ri analog/digital processors, array system dispersements. These would be in addition to stage plots, system diagrams, and I/O paperwork that is needed in any sound system. This also includes research of different variety of microphones needed for specific instruments.m



To show my advisor/peers/ clients that I’m capable of being a sound engineer / designer. This will cap off my sound track and show everything I learned throughout my course history.





Project Deliverables

  • Proposal
  • Culmination Poster
  • Production meeting notes
  • CAD drawings
  • Stage plots
  • Budget
  • Patch List
  • Production schedule


  • Week 1: Search Venue location
  • Week 2: Contact bands and see what they using
  • Week 3: Research (Microphones/ find Rental company)
  • Week 4-8: Block diagrams/ Drawings/ Patch List
  • Week 9: Complete everything
  • Week 10: Review and Present



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