Famous food truck

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New York, being such a diverse city have many famous food trucks that has been influence by other culture. People from around the world sometimes travel to NewYork to taste the the incredible food, they would stand in line or visit the best new thing in the block. one of the most famous food truck […]

Blog post #2 – Issues (problems/solutions) related to your topic

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What does people see in almost every corner of the blocks in New York City besides Starbucks? Food cart vendors! Halal food, fruits, soft serve ice creams, and so many more. They are in all over the places in New York, especially in Manhattan. Food vendors are one of the main parts of this city […]

Patricia Palendeng – Problem with Food Vendors

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The reason why i chose the topic of food vendors is because food trucks are becoming such a big part of the lifestyle in New York City. Throughout Manhattan, streets are occupied by halal stands and taco trucks that are becoming just as popular as stationary restaurants. I myself often go to these food stands because […]


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This is the first post on your Learning Blog. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! The ePortfolio is both a Learning Blog and an Academic Career Portfolio. Use the Learning Blog to document your learning experiences and class assignments each semester. As time goes by, add content to the Academics and Career sections to show […]