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Katherine Fermin’s ePortfolio

Registered Nurse, R.N.

Angela Wilson’s ePortfolio

Assignments for Professional Nursing Practice

Sheryl Chen’s ePortfolio

My name is Sheryl Chen. I graduated from NYCCT with associate degree in Nursing and I am currently in the BSN program in NYCCT that expect to graduate on December 2012.

mia vedensky’s ePortfolio

Mia Vedensky

leila lildar’s ePortfolio

BSN in Nursing

Carla Araile’s ePortfolio

Portfolio created to use in required classes

Ronald Inga’s ePortfolio

This portfolio is going to be used to upload school projects!

Kamariddinkhon Fazliddin’s ePortfolio

This is my Portfolio!!!!

mawuena gadesseh’s ePortfolio

my portfolio I’m mawuena gadesseh. My major is Electromechanical Engineering Technology. I’m in my second semester in this major. Two years ego i was in business and accounting, then after my Assoc. degree ASA […]

Francoise Mercier’s ePortfolio

This is my ePortfolio for my Nursing Professional class.

MIDI Converter

Final Project ET 4711 MIDI Converter A MIDI controller can send and receive MIDI messages to your PC, allowing direct control of your software. Not only that, but the control can generally be mapped to […]

Evan Gutierrez’s ePortfolio

My name is Evan Antonio Gutierrez. I came to City Tech to pursue a career in the Culinary and Pastry arts. I’ve always enjoyed cooking and baking and one day I plan to own my own restaurant. I have been lucky e […]