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Luishka Roberts’s ePortfolio

As the culinary chef begins…this is my written biography of what I face.

Daisy Tenecela

New York City of Technology Student

rachel samuel’s ePortfolio

English 101- Writing and Reading in a Digital Age

Daniel Wu’s ePortfolio

EMT 1111 Lab Portfolio

Charles Warner’s ePortfolio

The various works found here are of the printed advertisement pieces, being printed campaigns and individual ads, that I have created during the course of my time at City Tech.

leishanna lawrence’s ePortfolio

leishanna lawrence’s ePortfolio

ashley vasquez’s ePortfolio

ashley vasquez’s ePortfolio

Jiyoung Park’s ePortfolio

Jiyoung Park is from Seoul, South Korea. She came to America at the age of 4 and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. She adopted her English name, Kathy, from one of her after school tutors. Today, many of her […]

Yesmin Aquino’s ePortfolio

Yesmin Aquino is a current freshman student at the New York City College of Technology, majoring in Hospitality Management. One thing that characterizes Yesmin is her desire to success and to make her family proud […]

Brian Ringley’s Portfolio

Brian Ringley’s Portfolio

Graduate-level digital fabrication courses taught at DAAP’s School of Architecture and Interior Design

H D. Hutchinson’s Portfolio

Journeying through Hospitality Management.

Susan Brandt’s Portfolio

A plan of my teaching goals at New York City College of Technology. My research include mentoring production teams, managing live productions and mentoring through the use of online technology.