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Cameron Wallace’s ePortfolio

My name is Cameron Wallace I am a Freshman and this is my first semester at N.Y.C.C.T My major is Electromechanical Engineering

daniel rivera’s ePortfolio

a web developer turned emerging media student

Nelson Mercedes’s ePortfolio

My name is Nelson Mercedes. I am from the Dominican Republic. My major is Electrical-Mechanical Technician and I choose this major because I am good with computer and also because I like to do hands on with […]

Raymond Robert’s ePortfolio

Hi welcome to my eportofilio. I am currently a student at city tech who is majoring in computer engineer. I love dealing with computers which is why i thought of trying to build upon getting a career doing what I […]

suquan walcott’s ePortfolio

Im a second year city tech student. my major is computer engineering. in my spare time i work, draw, hangout with friends.

Dario Fleurival’s ePortfolio

I’m a computer engineering major, studying to a computer repair technician. I like to watch TV, play video games, watch movies, play sports. I’m a laid-back , down to earth kind. I take time to trust people […]

Daniel Destine’s ePortfolio

EMT 1111

jesus hidalgo’s ePortfolio

The name is jesus Hidalgo as you may know already, what i love to do on spare times is relax and enjoy a good movie, or off course play games mainly computer games. I am about to receive my bachelors in […]

Fady Khamis’s ePortfolio

Hi, my name is Fady Khamis. My major is computer engineering. It is something I’ve always wanted to do and hopefully i will graduate in this field. I enjoy working with computer.

maurice britton’s ePortfolio

EMT1111-Logic and Problem Solving i am a city tech student and my major is electrical engineering. the reason why i decided to purse this as my major is because it seemed very interesting.

Rhys London’s ePortfolio

EMT 1111 Project Portfolio

Chukwukaodinaka Obieyisi’s ePortfolio

Welcome to my portfolio. I Created it because my Professor asked me to.