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Juan Vargas’s ePortfolio

Juan Vargas’s ePortfolio

This my portfolio, I am a web designer base in NY.

Darlin Herrera’s ePortfolio

Hi Welcome!! Im 18 years old, born in The Dominican Republic. My major is Electro Mechanical Engineering, I like to fix electronic devices like computers, cell phones Tv’s etc..Enjoy! :)

vernell kea’s ePortfolio

Nursing portfolio

Marisa Gay’s ePortfolio

This portfolio will express the beginning progress towards my career path.

Tahir Roethof

Hi I’m Tahir Roethof I’m 17 years old. What I like to do in my spare time is watch anime and play video games. I don’t have many hobbies aside from those things, but I do play around with alot of programs on my […]

christopher oconnor’s ePortfolio


Daisy Tan’s ePortfolio

Understand Human Service regarding the values, knowledge and skills to conduct effective professional practice and career path development.

Ilya Shvabskiy’s ePortfolio

This is my portfolio. It includes the work i have done so far, and the information about me. It tells about me, and my accomplishments at New York City College of Technology. It also includes the professional […]

Heather Baker’s ePortfolio

Introductory page Name Title Nursing Philosophy Resume Cover Letter Thank you note Individual strength- written as a narrative sample of a written assignment BCLS letters of references Certificates of […]

David Romano’s ePortfolio

Logics/Problem Solving 1111-9302

Alexander Williams’s ePortfolio

My name is Alexander G. Williams but call me AGW. I am currently a graphic designer in training, however I do a bunch of other cool stuff too. For example, I edit video and audio, do camera work, write scripts, […]

shon prittipal’s ePortfolio