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Aaron Seymour

Hey welcome to my portfolio. My name is Aaron and i will be using this portfolio to show case my work in EMT1111

Nelson Rosario’s ePortfolio

Im Interested in seeing what this class can teach me

Ryan Hurst’s ePortfolio


Kevin Deangelo’s ePortfolio

my name is kevin deangelo. i am attending my second semester in college. My major is engineering.

Mohamad Saab’s ePortfolio


Usama Amir’s ePortfolio


Sudipta Sarkar’s ePortfolio

My interests and desires are together with technology

Luis Barbito’s ePortfolio

welcome to my portfolio this is used to show the work i have done

Md Rahman’s ePortfolio

Hi I am Mohammed and I like to learn more about computers.

boubacar bah’s ePortfolio

thank you for visiting my porfolio

Dopdyel Tseten’s ePortfolio

Welcome to my portfolio, and thanks for visiting. Here you will find the work and projects I have done in city tech, and also projects I have done on my professional/personal years.

Boris Gomez’s ePortfolio

My name is Boris Gomez, and I want to do Computer Engineering to become a game designer. I love playing video games, and I also like going out with my friends.