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Joseph Toasa

hello my name is joseph toasa

joelina rodriguez’s ePortfolio

joelina rodriguez’s ePortfolio

joelina rodriguez, best known by the nick name ”jojo”. obsessed with teeth since i was 7, while im talking to people most of the time at stare at their teeth..

Amy Trejo’s ePortfolio

Hey, my name is Amy. I’m a student at City College of Technology in the restorative dentistry program.

mohammad abdelhaq’s ePortfolio

I am a fellow student in New York City College of Technology, I am currently holding two jobs and i am the age of 21. My desirable major is Hospitality Management my current goals while attending school are to […]

Alexander Johnny’s ePortfolio

EMT1111 E-Portfolio…

Christian Cortes’s ePortfolio


Jonise Meyers’s ePortfolio

ePortfolio for communication design

Rachel Furman’s ePortfolio

Rachel Furman’s ePortfolio

This is Rachel Furman’s first year at New York City College of Technology. She will be receiving her A.A.S in Restorative Dentistry. This E-portfolio fill show cast her work during her first semester.

shakira alcudia’s ePortfolio

Shakira started City tech in fall semester 2012. She is still trying to find out exactly what she hopes to do exactly but slowly finds herself heading down the path of wanting to be a hotel general manager. […]

edmund bussa’s ePortfolio

This ePortfolio was created for my python labs!!!!

Aaron George’s ePortfolio

Holds all labs

David Zhu’s ePortfolio