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Andre Caliman’s ePortfolio

Andres Portfolio

Jessica Gomez Parral’s ePortfolio

Jessica’s MTEC-1001 Portfolio

Ashley Saldana’s ePortfolio

Emerging Media Tech Portfolio for the semester

Daimonie Brown’s ePortfolio


Marieme Ly’s ePortfolio

Every single one of my drawings and designs

Lissette Hughes’s BUF 4900 ePortfolio

Here you will find an assemblage of work which showcases Lissette Hughes learning over the course of her undergraduate college years. Included in this electronic portfolio is also her Resume, Cover Letter and some […]

Malik Lee’s ePortfolio

Malik Lee’s ePortfolio

In my portfolio one will gain access to view my coursework completed over my years at New York City College of Technology

anthony sapp’s ePortfolio

anthony sapp’s ePortfolio


Jaaziah Cureton’s ePortfolio

A portfolio used for showing my work at City Tech. I am a Communication Design Major Student.

Miaoyuan Hu’s ePortfolio

Hi, everyone! Welcome to my portfolio.

Veneita Mohabir’s ePortfolio

Veneita Mohabir’s ePortfolio

Veneita Mohabir’s Portfolio for Fall 2022 Culmination Project.

Adrika Hoque’s ePortfolio

Adrika’s Portfolio