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Nicholas Ramdin’s ePortfolio

Nicholas Ramdin ePortfolio

Janieca Castro Portfolio

This is a portfolio showcasing my design skills and expertise

English Composition 2

All of my Projects

Cesar Infante

Welcome to my portfolio. Here you’ll find some of many graphic ideas and inspirational stories that I’ve created throughout my career and life at City Tech, and at the same time the strong dedication that shows on […]

[Monet Bullen’s] ePortolio

A portfolio/site for displaying my work for my classes.

Muhammad A Uddin’s ePortfolio

Hey, this is Muhammad Amin Uddin and it’s my ePortfolio

ENG 1121 e portfolio

The portfolio with my work

Ishvar Harrichand E-Portfolio

My name is Ishvar Harrichand. I am a photographer and a designer. I currently work at Samsung Eletronics America.

Sarahi Ruiz

Hello! Welcome to my E-Portfolio, from my time being in NYCCT.

Jeremiah Ramos’s Portfolio

This is my E-Portfolio from my time at NYCCT Dental Hygiene

Saria Tabassum’s ePortfolio

COMD classes

Shylin Ferrera’s ePortfolio

Graphic Design Work