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Mykhal Parson’s ePortfolio

Culmination Project FA 2021

Jozelyn Santos’s ePortfolio

Jozelyn Santos’s ePortfolio

This e-portfolio highlights the prime projects and assignments from major related courses, over the course of four years.

Sabrina Huth’s ePortfolio

Communication Design Student.

Emmanuel Agyare-Poku’s ePortfolio

My Portfolio

David Velasquez’s ePortfolio

David Velasquez’s ePortfolio

Hello All ! My name is David Velasquez and this is my portfolio

Zijun Huang’s ePortfolio

Hello! My name is Zijun Huang and I am currently studying Communication Design at New York City College of Technology. When I was a little girl I accidentally joined an online group chat that was about Editing […]

Tiana Ou’s ePortfolio

My name is Tiana Ou. I do not have an explanation to what brought me to this Communication Design major. I am interested in calligraphy, which is under letter designing. I guess you can say letter designing is […]

Evelyn Ng’s ePortfolio

Digital Media Foundation

Jonathan Rosales’s ePortfolio

My name is Jonathan Rosales, Im Mexican American.

Theresa Rodriguez’s ePortfolio

Theresa Rodriguez’s ePortfolio

Welcome to my Communication Design ePortfolio

Cassidy Crespo’s ePortfolio

Cassidy Crespo’s ePortfolio

This is my portfolio for my classes at City Tech.

Katelyn Merrick

This e-portfolio is a collection of work done by Katelyn Merrick, a student at New York City College of Technology, studying Business and Technology of Fashion. This e-portfolio will be reviewed by Dr. Alyssa […]