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The BFA Show 2020

Jenna Spevack, Sara Gómez Woolley, tgoetz

City Tech’s Communication Design department presents the inaugural BFA Student Show! This online exhibition showcases the excellent work of current COMD students in eight categories: Advertising, Animation / […]

Technical Report on X

Jason W. Ellis


Peer Advisement

Program to increase retention of female students in engineering technology programs.

C-STEP Tutors-2021-2022

C-STEP Tutors-2021-2022

AE Dreyfuss

Preparation site for C-STEP tutors

Science Fiction Festival Callboard

Leanie Tejada

ENT 3430 Festival Project

Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)


Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

O.E.R Fellowship: AY 2021-2022

O.E.R Fellowship: AY 2021-2022

Joshua Peach, Cailean Cooney

This is a private space for discussion among the fellowship cohort.

shaimelys Marcano’s ePortfolio

shaimelys Marcano’s ePortfolio

Shaimelys Marcano

Here one will see the collection of projects completed in the time span of 4 years.

City Tech Library Buzz Blog

Junior Tidal

This is the City Tech Ursula C. Schwerin Library Blog, Library Buzz

Data Security


This project is dedicated to the topic of the importance of data security. We explain what Data Security is, the ways data security is also neglected by cyber users, ways to increase protection, and prevent ways […]

The Open Road

The Open Road is our place to highlight all that’s possible on the OpenLab. Join now to keep up on OpenLab news, events, and updates. Check our weekly In the Spotlight posts for a glimpse into the incredible w […]

How to reduce cyber attacks on social networking websites?

How to reduce cyber attacks on social networking websites?

Audity Saha

ENG 2575 Collaboration Project