Submission Requirements:

  • Further E-portfolio support is available through the office of Institutional Technology in the E-portfolio Lab General Building G-606


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arch 1130_building tech I_assignment initial drawing

arch 1130_building tech I_assignment A_2013_02_fall

arch 1130_building tech I_assignment B_2013_fall.001

arch 1130_building tech I_assignment C_2013_fall.001

5 Responses to Assignments

  1. demmis says:

    Hi all,

    To construct a pentagon with a compass and straightedge I found this video on Youtube that is very helpful. There are lots of ways to do it but this one worked for me. The only thing is that you might have to stop the video at time because it goes a bit too fast. I hope this link helps you.

  2. demmis says:

    Lastly this is the link that will help you create the ellipse.

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