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MAT 1372 Course Hub

Jonas Reitz, Marianna Bonanome

Central resource site for MAT 1372 Statistics with Probability, with syllabus, lessons, review sheets, WeBWorK and other resources for students and faculty.

Math Department Instructor Resources PRIVATE

Math Department Instructor Resources PRIVATE

Jonas Reitz

This site contains private (faculty only) resources for faculty teaching in the math department. Profile picture by Flickr user

Elementary Algebra Hub

Jonas Reitz, Lin Zhou

Central resource site for Elementary Algebra, with syllabus, lessons, review sheets, WeBWorK and other resources for students and faculty.

MAT 1475 Video Resources

Ariane Masuda

Struggling a bit with your homework or want to be sure you understand an idea well? Here are videos you can watch, sorted by subject, to help you on your journey. Enjoy! Avatar image and site header created […]

Math Course Hub Initiative

Jonas Reitz

The Model Course/Course Hub Initiative provides professional development support for faculty creating course hubs and supporting materials on the OpenLab. Site header by Flickr user ndrwfgg.

2019-2020 Opening Gateways Faculty Seminar

Marianna Bonanome

“Opening Gateways to Completion: Open Digital Pedagogies for Student Success in STEM” is a 5-year, $3.2 million grant funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Supporting Hispanic-Serving Institutions progr […]

Committee on Undergraduate Research

Committee on Undergraduate Research

We are the committee, initially from the School of Arts and Sciences, now encompassing faculty from Technology and Design and Professional Studies as well, established to promote student and faculty collaboration […]

Math and STEM Liaisons Working Group

Kate Poirier

This site is intended for collaboration between the STEM Liaison in the math department and Math Liaisons in various departments in science, technology, and engineering.

Quantitative Reasoning Instructors Group

Quantitative Reasoning Instructors Group

This is a space for Instructors of the Quantitative Reasoning course to share questions, ideas, and course materials.