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Sp2015 Introduction to Fiction

Sp2015 Introduction to Fiction

INTRODUCTION TO LITERATURE: FICTION ENG 2001 3 class hours, 3 credits Prerequisite: ENG 1101 Students will read and discuss works of fiction including novels, novellas and the short story; conduct research, prepare and deliver oral presentations, and write a variety of assignments, which must include a final examination and midterm examination or quizzes, and may include but are not limited to a term research paper, essays, in-class essays, shorter response writings, and online writing activities. Written and oral assignments will measure students’ ability to *understand a range of narrative styles—including Western, non-Western and experimental—as well as the relationship between story form, function and meaning. *apply various methods of literary criticism and analysis (for example, study of character, setting, language and other elements of form; study of genre and narrative method; comparison of various author’s works). *incorporate biographical, cultural or historical contexts where they will help students understand the literary work. *follow MLA New Style conventions for writing essays about fiction. Each instructor will determine the forms and methods of assessment as specified by their course syllabi. Such evaluation must meet criteria appropriate for a course taken in the junior or senior year of college. By the end of the semester graded work will total approximately 3750 words (or approximately 15 double-spaced pages). Students must submit acceptable projects and pass the final exam in order to pass the course. Course Profile avatar: La Fiction et La Realite, https://www.flickr.com/photos/duncan/101364055/in/photostream/

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