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ENG4900, Summer2023

ENG4900, Summer2023

Shauna Chung
ENG 4900|Summer 2023

This is an online asynchronous course facilitated by Dr. Shauna Chung. The course involves the following: Students complete a 120-hour internship. Class activities provide an opportunity for discussions and […]

ENG2730 Professional Editing and Revising, Spring 2023

ENG2730 Professional Editing and Revising, Spring 2023

Professor Sean Scanlan
ENG2730|Spring 2023

Students will learn to identify audiences and choose appropriate language, tone, and style in order to write, edit, and revise a variety of communiqués in various workplace scenarios. Revision documents may be […]

ENG3790 D700, SP2023

Jason W. Ellis
ENG3790|Spring 2023

This theory and practice-based course provides a theoretical overview of the concepts and practices of information architecture: organization, labeling, navigation, search, and metadata. Students develop practical […]