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My name is Charles Baculima. I joined the United States Navy for 4 years as a Culinary Specialist. I had some great and rough times during my time with the military. I was stationed in Jacksonville, Florida, which I personally like better than New York. I was born and lived in New York prior to my time in the military, but now I’m back. I resumed college after leaving the service.

I’ve always had a great interest in the computer field. Right now I’m majoring in Emerging Media Technologies which is a pretty new major career, but I’m open to other related majors like Computer Programming and Video Game Design. I love playing video games and watching movies.

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LIB 1201: Research and Documentation for the Information Age

LIB 1201: Research and Documentation for the Information Age

This course explores research and documentation for all media formats including text, images, sound, and multimedia. Students will examine the full lifecycle of information, including: how information is produced and organized in both traditional and emerging media, locating information sources in a variety of media and formats, critical evaluation of sources, the ethics of information use, and documentation and citation of traditional and emerging media and technologies. Students will create and present research and documentation projects.

Introduction to Interactive Media Technologies Production Practices

Introduction to Interactive Media Technologies Production Practices

A hands-on introduction to the applied principles and production techniques used in interactive media development. Students will be introduced to the basic theory, practices, and technology necessary for success in digital media courses, including imaging, sound, video, and animation, as well as, interactive, networked, and physical computing technologies. The structure of this course emphasizes an integrated and creative approach to interactive media with detailed instruction and practice in the technical aspects of production that go hand in hand with critical academic thinking.

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Research Zine Project

Research Zine Project

Description available soon…

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