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Computer Engineering

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EMT1111: Logic and Problem Solving | Spring 2015

EMT1111: Logic and Problem Solving | Spring 2015

This course introduces the foundations of problem-solving and computer programming as it is applied to computer engineering technology. It provides a basic understanding of programming techniques, logic, and number systems through hands-on laboratory exercises in a modern programming language. Students will learn Python to understand basic programming concepts and AppInventor to create fun and useful applications (Apps) for Android based phones and devices. The course encourages students to cooperate with others and use their imagination, creativity, and problem solving skills to develop a successful final project.

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My City Majors

A website where City Tech students can sign up and provide information about themselves, specifically their chosen major. They can find fellow student in their same major or other majors. Contact information can be shared with each other. Students can meet up and study and help one another out. Upperclassmen can share information about which professor to take, depending on how each students learn.

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