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I am a Registered Nurse currently pursuing my BSN degree at New York City Technical College. These are the personal reflections of my experiences while attending my clinical rotations within the Nursing Program.

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ECON2505 Env Econ, SP2016TuesD227

ECON2505 Env Econ, SP2016TuesD227

This interdisciplinary course examines current environmental issues from a macroeconomic perspective, focusing on both the long and short-term economic viability of various proposals to address current environmental challenges. While the discipline of Economics serves as a central focus, the course draws extensively from the perspectives of Sociology, Architectural Technology, Environmental Control Technology, Hospitality Management (sustainable tourism), and Sustainable Technology. Traditional goals of economic efficiency will be examined in the context of the need to expand renewable energy sources, green building design and construction, sustainable agriculture and trade, resource allocation and other efforts to combat climate change on a global scale. It focuses on both the long and short-term economic viability of various proposals to address current environmental challenges drawing upon the inherent interdisciplinary connection to these vital economic issues.

NUR 4130 Professional Nursing Practice

NUR 4130 Professional Nursing Practice

A variety of professional, historical, theoretical, ethical, and health related issues relevant to contemporary nursing are discussed. Students will use a variety of professional tools such as in-class forums to debate relevant health care issues, the resume, a portfolio, and template for a project proposal for enhancement of professional development.

NUR 4010, HE34, SUM 2015

NUR 4010, HE34, SUM 2015

This course builds upon the student’s knowledge of nursing and provides the requisites required for practice as a community health nurse. The focus is on health promotion, disease prevention and maintenance of health, which is the core of community-based care. Selected concepts such as evidence-based care that contribute to the foundation of community-based nursing will be discussed. The course will examine historical perspectives, the value of community health, the nurse’s present day professional expectations and accompanying changes in responsibilities, accountability for practice and ethical and transcultural considerations. The curriculum will focus on specific contemporary community health issues including communicable diseases, mental health and preparedness for bioterrorism.

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