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HSCI 4201 Medical Metrics in Health Facilities

Sitaji Gurung
HSCI 4201

A foundation in medical metrics for evaluation, applied research, and quality control in the healthcare setting. It provides student with skills necessary to translate empirical interventions into applied settings […]

HSCI 1101 Intro to Health Care Delivery and Careers

Brigida Hernandez
HSCI 1101

An overview of professional and non-clinical careers commonly found in the US health care delivery system.

HSCI 2201 Safety for Health Care

Brigida Hernandez, Sitaji Gurung, Christine, Noemi Rodriguez
HSCI 2201

An introduction to current safety standards and regulations in the health care environment.

HSCI 4101 Managerial Systems in Healthcare

Sitaji Gurung
HSCI 4101

Practicum for discipline-related skills and competencies using electronic health records and practice management software to enable students to conduct knowledge-based managerial and policy-related decision making.