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ENG2150 Introduction to Women Writers, Fall 2015

ENG2150 Introduction to Women Writers, Fall 2015

Nina Bannett
English|ENG 2150|Fall 2015

Essays, fiction, drama, and poems by 20th and 21st century women writers. We’ll be examining the ways women writers explore themes such as mother/daughter relationships, courtship and marriage, the mind and the body.

ENG3401:Law Through Literature Fall 2014

Dr. Williams
English|eng 3401|Fall 2014

This course will allow us to thoroughly examine literature and films that are all based on different layers of the judicial system. Together, we are going to examine the jury, the trial, the legal process, and the […]

English 3771-5559, Fall 2013

Patrick Corbett
English|ENG3771|Fall 2013

English 3771, Advanced Career Writing, will provide you with the opportunity to improve your ability to write business documents through applied study and critique from the professor and your peers. You will […]