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Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering Technology

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Transmission Systems

Transmission Systems

Introduction to the analysis of microwave communications and systems. Transmission line theory, the Smith chart and mathematical analysis are incorporated. Various transmission media such as twowire, twisted telephone wires, coaxial cable, waveguides, fiber and satellite are studied. Study of microwave components, Tee connectors, attenuators, slotted lines and cavities are included. Antenna design and radio-wave propagation are also covered (introduced). Concludes with a study of microwave applications and systems. Prerequisite: EET 2140; Pre- or corequisite: MAT 1475

ENG3771 (Sec E280): Advanced Career Writing, Spring 2015

ENG3771 (Sec E280): Advanced Career Writing, Spring 2015

Catalog Description: “An advanced composition course emphasizing writing used in business and industry. The course will focus on business letters, memos, minutes, process papers, and reports.” English 3771, Advanced Career Writing, will provide you with the opportunity to improve your ability to write business documents through applied study and critique. You will develop the knowledge, skills, and processes necessary to compose documents under constraints typically found in the workplace. You will be evaluated throughout the process of researching, organizing, writing, revising, and presenting your documents.

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