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Marckenly Montour

A new transfer student at City College of Technology from Queensborough Community College. At QCC he attained an associate degree in Sound Production and is now enrolled in the Emerging Media Technology program at City Tech. During his childhood years Marckenly developed an interestfor technology, specifically sound technology. His uncle owned a Sound Production service company therefore giving Marck the opportunity to surround himself around audio equipment. Marck’s agenda at City Tech along with acquiring his degree in technology is to bombard City Tech’s social environment with his Pan- Africanist Influence using technology.

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My Courses

Media Design Foundation

Media Design Foundation

A cross-disciplinary foundation presenting design principles and applied concepts for all creative disciplines, including media design, computing, and engineering. Using case studies, brainstorming, and idea generation, students learn creative thinking and problem solving techniques to enhance usability, influence perception, increase appeal, and make better design decisions.

Introduction to Interactive Media Technologies Production Practices

Introduction to Interactive Media Technologies Production Practices

A hands-on introduction to the applied principles and production techniques used in interactive media development. Students will be introduced to the basic theory, practices, and technology necessary for success in digital media courses, including imaging, sound, video, and animation, as well as, interactive, networked, and physical computing technologies. The structure of this course emphasizes an integrated and creative approach to interactive media with detailed instruction and practice in the technical aspects of production that go hand in hand with critical academic thinking.

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