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MECH3550 Simulation and Visualization OER

Prof. Swanson
MECH3550|Fall 2022

An Advanced Course related to Simulating, Visualizing, and Modeling using multiple different software.

CST1102ID, Programming Narratives, SP2020

CST1102ID, Programming Narratives, SP2020

Jacquelyn Blain, TCunningham

Students in this class write a video game narrative and program a trailer for that game using object-oriented programming.

MECH 2333

MECH 2333|Summer 2020

Strength of Materials II

MECH3600 Mechanical Measurement Nakamura Spring 2020

Masato R. Nakamura, Eng.Sc.D.
MECH3600|Spring 2020

This course teaches technique, equipment and measurement procedures used by Mechanical Engineers

CNC Certification

Prof. Swanson
Mechanical Engi...|Summer 2018

A month long summer course with the end goal of getting students certified in tooling machinery usage.