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Hi my name is Kimberly Sevilla. I was born and raised in Brooklyn my whole life, but my family is from Honduras. I enjoy long walks in the park and writing poetry. The way I see it is we are all put in this world for significant reasons. We all have different and unique talents. I learned how to draw from a young age because it allowed me to express myself. Art back then was not appreciated as much as it is now since it revolves us. Therefore I feel like there is more ambition to finally have a job we will enjoy for the rest of our lives.
The reason I chose a lotus flower as my avatar is because it reminds me of myself. I say this because a lotus flower grows through thick heavy mud, which I feel was most of my life just trying to get through these hard obstacles. I can say I made it through the mud, but I have yet to sprout the rest of my petals as I increase my knowledge in new things.

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