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Juan Martinez
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I am cultivating my self as a Graphic Art and Production Management. When I first apply to attend class at New City College of technology, I was thinking to study accounting, but later on I started working in a printing company; as a result, I realized that it would be easier if I study Graphic Art and Production Management. I think I made that right decision because now I understand a little bit from Graphics and production. Life is not easy to understand where we are leading until we experience some environments. I am humble to say the New York has giving me the opportunity to settle my life. At the beginning it was difficult for me to interact with people who doesn’t know Spanish; therefore, I started taking adult classes at Grand Campus high school in Brooklyn. I used to go only twice a week for two consecutive years, but I didn’t learn much because all my friends just to speak Spanish. Some of them were born here, but they didn’t speak English to me because they know that I had live all my childhood in my native country; as result, it was difficult to understand the customs and environment. But since I started working in Graphic Industry my English having improve because my coworker speak English and another foreign language and only one person speak some Spanish. Now I can interact with them because we all work in something we enjoy and talk about. Even though, I just do some production my operating some simple machines, I am willing to improve my knowledge in order to find a job in a big corporation. Every time when I see a flier, postcard, business card, decals, poster, magazines, banners, images on light box, billboards, etc I try to find that way it was create or install by giving feedback from I to 10. New City College of Technology is great because it has the tools for each student to develop the skill that only thing is to find our own passion.

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