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Jerry S
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Radiologic Technology and Medical Imaging
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Radiologic Technology


I am an individual who is always looking to learn from others. My interests include reading, sports, spirituality and self-improvement. I also love to meditate and I also love to listen to all kinds of music ranging from classical music to hip-hop.

My Courses

LIB1201 Research & Documentation for the Information Age D950

LIB1201 Research & Documentation for the Information Age D950

This course explores research and documentation for all media formats including text, images, sound, and multimedia. Students will explore information issues, especially in terms of their relevance today: how information is produced and organized in both traditional and emerging media, how information access is affected by political, economic and cultural factors, and the ethics of information use. Students will also acquire the practical skills of locating information sources in a variety of media and formats, critical evaluation of sources, and documentation and citation of traditional and emerging media and technologies. Students will apply what they learn to create and present research and documentation projects.

My Projects

One Stop Shop Research Paper Tool

One Stop Shop Research Paper Tool

Have you ever struggled with doing a research paper? Well young brilliant minds from The New York City College of Technology have developed a multi-faceted digital research paper tool based on survey information gained from college students that detailed what they would like to see in a research paper tool. Our one-stop research paper tool is guaranteed to make writing research papers easier and quicker. There is no need to fear writing research papers any longer. The One Stop Research Paper Tool is a revolutionary all in one socially interactive research paper tool kit that is designed to help college students with the entire research paper process. Have problems formulating a research question, finding a topic, writing, or anything else, have no fear because one stop is here. This user friendly research tool assists college students with research topics, search tips, thesis building, writing, citations, proofreading and anything else that will help college students get an A on their research paper. Our research paper tool kit will also provide opportunities for college students to blog in and interact with other students and teachers who are well versed in the entire research paper process. The blog will allow students to voice whatever difficulties they may have with their particular research paper and it will also serve as a space where students can gain new ideas from each other. Our site will also have an interactive chat room that allows students to have real time conversations with other students and teachers. This one stop online research paper tool kit will transform how college students do research papers.

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