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TCET 4140 Telecommunications Network Management

TCET 4140 Telecommunications Network Management

This course deals with the technical management of a telecommunication network, personnel tasks, staffing patterns suitable to diverse telecommunications firms and users, with an overview of the issues facing the network manager. Included are studies of cost and trade-offs involved in the design and operation of a telecommunications network. Reliability, MTBF, RFP, and MTTR life cycle are analyzed. Traffic patterns and the study of equipment/manpower balance considerations are covered.

Statistics with Probability

Statistics with Probability

A 3 credit but 4 hour introductory course. Topics include sample space, expectation and variance, binomial, Poisson, normal, student and chi-square distributions, confidence interval, hypothesis testing, correlation and regression. Students do 3 projects, 1 individual and 2 in groups and choose one of the group projects to present at the end of the semester. The extra classroom hour is designed to facilitate a hands-on feel to the course including a heavy use of MS Excel.

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