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ENG1101 Comp1, FA2021

Jacquelyn Blain
ENG 1101|Fall 2021

This class helps students build transferable skills and knowledge about how language is used to communicate and persuade.

MAT1475 Calculus Bootcamp, Summer 2021

Victor Lee
WKSHP1475|Summer 2021

Pre-semester workshop for MAT1475 Calculus for Fall 2020. Topics include an introduction to limits and derivative rules and application. Prerequisite: MAT 1375

History 1101 The Origins of Western Civilization

S. Boyle

A survey of Western civilization from the dawn of human civilization to the eve of the Renaissance, emphasizing the following events: the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome; the […]

HIS 1110: US History to 1865

Peter Catapano
HIS1110|Spring 2020

A survey of significant developments in American history from European contact through the Civil War.

CST1102ID, Programming Narratives, SP2020

CST1102ID, Programming Narratives, SP2020

Jacquelyn Blain, TCunningham

Students in this class write a video game narrative and program a trailer for that game using object-oriented programming.