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This introductory course in creative writing includes exercises to identify and engage your creative voice, discussions of craft and technique, readings aimed to build critical reading and workshopping skills, and discussion of language and style.

LNG1100 Language, Culture, and Society, Fall 2018 (D899)

LNG1100 Language, Culture, and Society, Fall 2018 (D899)

An introduction to the world of language and linguistics. Students explore the great diversity of world languages and develop an understanding of the genetic and geographical ties among them. They learn to appreciate language as an object of scientific study and to apply their new knowledge to everyday social interactions in their own lives and communities. They examine the relationship of linguistic variation to social and cultural identity. Topics include multilingualism, language learning and preservation, spelling reform, and language policy. Tue/Thur 11:30am – 12:45pm Namm 518 Email: hlo@citytech.cuny.edu / hyl2110@tc.columbia.edu

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