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COMD 2451 – Web Design I

COMD 2451 – Web Design I

Sandra Lloyd
COMD 2451|Spring 2024

A required course for all Communication Design students. Topics include creative user interface design and best workflow practices. Students design a website using an HTML template and develop design, typography […]

COMD1127D036 Spring24

COMD1127D036 Spring24

John De Santis
COMD 1127|Spring 2024

Foundation course in typography with emphasis on using type for a multiple of industry related applications ranging from print to interactive. Students are introduced to principles of type design and terminology […]


Mark Noonan
1151-OL03|Fall 2023

This course is an introduction to Journalism.

COMD1112 Digital Media Foundations

John Lefteratos
COMD|Fall 2023

Introduces students to core technical concepts underlying all digital media. Students work with a variety of software, incorporating the scientific principles discussed during lecture, and explore pertinent […]