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Video editing, animation, and photography

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Digital Media Foundations – OL15

Digital Media Foundations – OL15

This course introduces students to core concepts underlying all digital media—graphic design, web, broadcast, animation, illustration and game design—that the COMD department offers in its associate and bachelor degree program. Weekly lectures explain technical concepts such as resolution, compression, and color space, concepts that allow students to produce creative work across media with more predictable results. Students work with a variety of graphic arts software programs to reveal how the software application’s tools and menus incorporate the scientific principles discussed during lecture. Because this course is designed as an orientation to various forms of media, lab exercises and assignments require students to explore industry sources, archives and association sites. One field trip is an integral part of the course so students can witness first-hand professional work in an artistic or commercial setting. Students produce one print design project and one three-minute video, both of which are posted on their Openlab site, along with an written explanation of how their work met the goals of the assignment. Both projects incorporate the technical and aesthetic knowledge discussed in lecture and practiced in laboratory exercises. 2 cl hrs, 2 lab hrs, 3 crs

COMD1123 Foundation Drawing, FA2020 Morning

COMD1123 Foundation Drawing, FA2020 Morning

An introductory course designed to explore the basic tools, techniques and principles of drawing. The course also covers projection systems, plans, elevations, sections, oblique, isometric, one point perspective and two point perspective views. Students learn to further render forms and texture through analysis of light and shadow and by utilizing the 5-value system.

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