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Prof. Tewani, Ivana Radivojevic Jovanovic
CHEM 1110L

This laboratory course is a co-requisite for General Chemistry – 1110. One three hour laboratory meeting per week and a total of 15 meetings per semester.

MAT1375 Precalculus Fall 2019

Kate Poirier
MAT 1375|Fall 2019

Topics include an in-depth study of functions such as polynomial functions, inverse functions, radical functions, rational functions, trigonometric functions, exponential and logarithmic functions; solving […]

General Biology 1

Andleeb Zameer
Biological Scie...|BIO 1101|Fall 2012

This course is an introduction to the scientific study of life, organization of life, evolutionary changes in living organisms and how life has evolved from simple to more complex, structure and organization of a […]

Eng.1101LC49 English Composition Learning Community with Biology, Fa2017

Professor Fraad, Shahnewaz Rahim, asharflo
English|Eng. 1101|Fall 2017

This course connects the science of Biology with the issues, problems and promises created by that science. We will explore the connection between the science of Biology and the real world issues, for example how […]