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Since i was a kid, I always wanted to make things: props for my G.I. joes, weird things to eat that looked like statues, skelly tops with my initials in them, etc. Despite the urge to create, I still wouldn’t have ever thought of myself as “creative” if it wasn’t for my family moving to Pennsylvania, Living in a town with nothing to do and being banned from the internet because I ran up the phone bill, I started passing the time with Adobe Photoshop Business Edition v1.0.

At first, I used Photoshop for removing pimples in friends pictures, so they could post them on Then the MySpace craze hit, and I started reading other people’s HTML codes in order to create my own custom banners and backgrounds. It wasn’t until a girl in a bar told me that I should pursue my passion that I visited City Tech and saw they had a man named Jacob Cass as a speaker. After researching his branding style, I immediately enrolled as a par-time student of the Arts and Advertising design program.

I am currently two classes away from my Associates Degree and have decided that Photography is the art I want to pursue. Though there is no Photography program at City Tech, I can honestly say that I look at everything around me in a completely different way and I would had never appreciated art and design without the classes and professors at City Tech.

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CDMG Graphic Communications Workshop 1111 Spring 2015

CDMG Graphic Communications Workshop 1111 Spring 2015

This course introduces students to core concepts in the graphic communications field including color theory, design and production terminology, reproduction processes, file formats and substrates. During the semester, students will complete three pages of their own ePortfolio web site. Lectures will provide students with a historical perspective of the graphic communications field as well as discussing current practices and future trends.

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