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ARCH3630/4830 Solar Decathlon

ARCH3630/4830 Solar Decathlon

Alexander Aptekar
Architectural T...|ARCH 3630 / 4830|Spring 2015

ARCH 3630 – Advanced Detailing Studio ARCH 4830 – Const Tech: Special Topics An in-depth study and survey of some the various construction assemblies employed in the construction industry. The course focuses […]

ARCH 3510 Design V

Jill Bouratoglou
Architectural T...|ARCH3510|Spring 2015

Professor Bouratoglou Spring 2015 Design V M/Th 8:30-11:25am

COMD Advanced Photography Studio

Communication D...|COMD 3530|Spring 2015

This course will explore studio photography as a means to communicate ideas. Students will learn to use lighting to transform subject matter into metaphor, mood and meaning as well as how to develop visual […]

ARCH 2330 – SPRING 2015 – King

Prof. Paul King
Architectural T...|ARCH2330|Spring 2015

Building Tech 3

ARCH4710UrbanDesign, SPRING 2014

J A Montgomery
Architectural T...|4710|Spring 2014

This design course will cover a range of urban and architectural design issues. Students will explore both the theoretical and pragmatic aspects of design applied in an urban environment. As an advanced design […]

Intermediate Computation and Fabrication

Charlie Able
Architectural T...|ARCH 3690 |Spring 2013

This course, the second in the digital fabrication certificate sequence (following ARCH3590), focuses on the development of parametric tools and digital prototyping techniques. Beginning from the study of […]