Assignment #1



for this assignment i initially had difficulties finding a student that sparks inspiration   to me. after a long search i came across a student on Open Lab that has work i found interesting and relevant. , Gavin Chetram from City Tech is my choice of inspiration because, not only is he a graphic deign student in general, he has many of the assignments and focuses i am currently working on. his work in typography, illustration and his graphic design class  can definitely serve to me as a reference when doing my own assignments for class


My name is Jhalil, am an 18 year old communication design student. My goal in this class is to develop a keen eye in design and a deeper understanding of the elements that make up its composition.i am taking the class for the credit just as much as i am taking it  to feed my own interests. I am inspired by architecture, Photography, Ted Talks and the capabilities of the human mind. My life as a “designer” derives from my freshman year at The Highschool of Art & Design,which i attended with a concentration in the of architecture workin on program Auto Cad. After graduating i can say i am knowledgeable on many component and terminologies of the creative world. I am willing to collaborate on any Project i see valuable to my understanding of the world, whether it be collaboration on Invention, Photography, Design, Brainstorming etc…