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I am currently enrolled as A 4-Year student in Hospitality Management. As far as academic accomplishments goes, I am currently a holder of an Associateā€™s Degree in Electromechanical Engineering and a yearsā€™ experience in Computer Engineering. I now cultivate the knowledge I gained from my former major as a hobby, and the occasional odd job.
I decided to change my area of study to Hospitality Management in pursuit of a career in culinary arts; To be more specific, baking.

I am currently Employed by Equinox Fitness Clubs as a Maintenance Associate. Promoted to Maintenance M.O.D on Saturdays.Ā I consider myself able to get along with most people, and strive to fulfill the needs of the members at work, whether or not it is in my job description.

My desire and perseverance to keep my current job placed me as a more suitable choice over other co-workers during employee lay-offs after the departure of our former manager.


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