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The transparency project using our paints was pretty fun. Throughout the semester I was getting tired of doing a lot of black and white images and was excited to use color. Even though I did enjoy the results, I felt this project was very tedious and frustrating. Mixing the paints I feel was the most difficult part for me, especially the tertiary colors. I used the painting knife to mix my paints and my test strips but my colors were just not coming out the way I wanted. I also felt for this project we was not given much time to complete when it came to the second round.

I really did enjoy the way we started out the project by randomly creating different types of shapes. It was interesting to see the different style and size of the shapes that everyone came up with. I also liked playing around with the tints and tones. My favorite colors that I mixed for my tints and tones were blue and white which created a nice light blue and red and black, which created a gorgeous burgundy color. Overall, even though the process to complete this project was a bit frustrating I was satisfied with my final results and I enjoyed everyone else’s.


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